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Baby Steps is a free online program that aims to enhance the wellbeing of new mums and dads.

Baby Steps is for dads as well as mums

Adjusting to life with your new baby is exciting, but also challenging.

Most websites and services are mainly for mums but the adjustment is just as big for dads as it is for mums. Baby Steps is relevant for both parents.

Baby Steps was written for parents having their first baby, but can be used by anyone with a young baby who wants to learn more about caring for their baby or themselves.

Baby Steps helps you adjust to parenthood by

  • Providing information on caring for a newborn
  • Providing information on how parents can look after themselves
  • Giving advice on how mums and dads can support each other

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Who is behind Baby Steps?

Baby Steps is funded by beyondblue and was created at Queensland University of Technology by a team of psychologists, midwives and nurses. The program content was reviewed by a number of first-time parents as well as an independent team of experts that included midwives and a paediatrician.

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See acknowledgements for more on the team and reviewers behind Baby Steps.